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Destiny of a vessel
Princess May
The vessel «Princess May» has been constructed 1888 in Newcastle, in 1901 has been sold «Canadian Pacific Railroad Company».

On August, 5th 1910 steamship «Princess May» villages on a bank, to be exact on reeves near to Alaska. It's surprising, that the vessel has stayed in such "trailing" position the whole month then, the ship all the same have floated, holes have closed up, and within 9 years it ploughed open spaces of Pacific ocean, until has not been sold yet, «Steamship Company in the Caribbean» and only in 1930 "has retired".

It's remarkable also, that the vessel was repeatedly renamed. Initially the steamship had the name «Mei Shih», then «Cass», then «Ningchow» and at last «Princess May».

Destiny of a vessel {vessel}