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San Francisco Transit Center

Transit Center

Plans on building of the transit terminal in San Francisco have been slightly corrected, on purpose to involve additional money. Now, for the project “San Francisco Transit Center” it is required 1,2 billion dollars.

Realization time has increased for more than one year, to finish building is planned in the end of 2015 year. Besides an elevated part, the underground station of a high-speed train here will be built. Under the old plan the Ry station should be constructed after terminal start, but simultaneous start saves 100 million dollars and increases chances of attraction of the federal grant in volume of 400 million. Redesign will manage in 15 million.

However in this situation there are some risks. If the grant is not received, 15 million, spent for redesign, will be simply lost. Chris Daly, director Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA), considers, that such risks are justified: “I am a player. And I wish to make a course”.

Terminal San Francisco

Agency Pelli Clarke Pelli became designers of the project of the new transit terminal. Station already named in the people “Grand Central Station of the West”. In a complex the new regional transit center, ways for a high-speed train and a multi-purpose tower which becomes the highest building in the West of America is provided.


San Francisco Transit Center {USA}