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Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris

Restaurant in Paris

The Parisian architect Pascal Grasso has established the time portable design serving by restaurant on a roof of building Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris. This unique “a dining room on twelve persons” has an unusual appearance on Eiffel tower. The restaurant consists of a glass cubicle and the punched metal screen closing kitchen.

Between a metal envelopment and a glass kernel there is a colour light-emitting diode illumination is. White material of furniture — well-known Corian, perfectly supplement an unusual interior of this restaurant.

18 meter structure has been constructed in the north of France and transported to Paris in the sort disassembled on two part. Then has been collected on a roof of the Tokyo palace. The restaurant prevails the name — Nomiya — from very small restaurant in Japan. Despite length 18 meters the structure weighs 22 tons.

Eiffel tower
Luxury restaurant
Le Palais de Tokyo
Dining room


Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris {unusual}