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New Night Club in Belo Horizonte
Elite Night Club, Brazil

Josefine/Roxy Night Club (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

The Brazilian architect Fred Mafra, the famous interior decorator of elite night clubs, has received unusual and attractive possibility to reconstruct one of own early projects — Josefine/Roxy Night Club (Belo Horizonte, Brazil).

The New Brazilian Night Club

Night Club in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Since 2007 the club was one of leading institutions in Savassi — a known area of the night life of Minas Gerais located in the southern Brazil. The club occupies 955 sq.m. of space and has two dance floors, three bars and four VIP-zones. There are here too rooms of rest and a smoking area with an open-air roof for smoking.

Josefine Night Club

Josefine/Roxy Night Club — Interior

A bright vinyl on the walls and a numerous futuristic chairs, in a combination to light-emitting diode system of illumination and an effective decor make the fantastic effect which allows to visitors to forget about an external world and a daily reality. This atmosphere are immersing you in labyrinths of sound waves and carries away in a multicolored kaleidoscope of colors and flash-lights.

Luxury Night Club
Night Club Roxy
Brazil Night Club Roxy


New Night Club in Belo Horizonte {South America}