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Opera theatre in Dallas

Opera House in Dallas

The author of the project — neither is a lot of, nor it is not enough, Norman Foster, — considers, that Winspear Opera House in Dallas redefines understanding of an image, creating new, corresponding to our epoch, breaks barriers and the stereotypes surrounding an opera for general public, and gives to a structure availability to the public.

Considering climatic conditions of a city, over a building the canopy with solar panels, and through a glass facade is placed, the kind on a spacious lobby with height of a ceiling of 18 meters opens. Transparent borders between external and internal become the fine environment for constant relations between a building and adjoining territory. Under a canopy the big foot area is created.

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Winspear Opera House by Foster + Partners & OMA

Winspear Opera House it is joint project Foster + Partners and OMA. The opera building became central Performing Arts District.

The opera building is a whole series of the organized spaces which surround the red central block, a hall on 2,200 spectator places.

Winspear Opera

The building welcomes as fans of an opera, and is simple admirers of dialogue — here there is a restaurant, cafe which can be visited at any time, in independence of visiting of representations.

Process of an input in a hall is accompanied by visual effects which become a representation part, a show part. The huge steps surrounding the central hall, create fine possibilities for secular evening; here it is possible to stop for conversation, observing for an event around.

Winspear House

Dallas opera house

Dallas opera

Compactness of an audience provides even more outstanding acoustic qualities. Details and materials improve a resonance of a human voice, giving to vocal sounding an acoustic tonality.

Huge theatrical chandelier

The drama effect is supplemented with the huge theatrical chandelier consisting of 320 elements. Before the beginning of representation the chandelier rises under a ceiling. Even the curtain is a subject of design art; the author — Argentina artist Guillermo Quintero.

Opera House


Opera theatre in Dallas {visual effect}