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Paradise Island: Dolphin

Paradise Island

Architectural Paradise On Island Fiji

Here only two small houses — in one live visitors, and in other the restaurant settles down. From different directions they are surrounded by a tropical garden with strange flora. This place for those who has got tired of city noise and wishes to have a rest on a nature bosom. In hotel excellent conditions for residing, the hospitable personnel and magnificent service. The hotel is designed by the known Sydney architect, and uses especial popularity at rich tourists and celebrities.

Paradise hotel

Your individual the country house settles down opposite to a beach and looks like on ocean. On a country house — a convenient drawing room, a bathroom and a magnificent porch from which the tremendous kind on a lagoon opens. The unique Fijian architecture and furniture create unique color of this resort.

Bounty hotel

In hotel only 2 numbers of category Suite located in the big bungalow. They spacious, are arranged with taste expensive furniture and issued in a national key. Here is: the conditioner with adjustment, radio, the TV, the safe, a minibar. In the big bathroom a bath and a shower, excellent the sanitary technician, to visitors towels, slippers, dressing gowns are offered, to an accessory to washing, the hair dryer. Residential architect Sydney — has made everything that you felt as much as possible comfortably and have remembered rest on paradise island Dolphin.


Paradise Island: Dolphin {Sydney}