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Architectural casino in Monte Carlo

Casino Monte Carlo

The princedom of Monaco is famous for low taxes and the the magnificent casinos located directly in Monte Carlo.

Retrocasino of 19th century

It's your casinoCasinos have kept to this day the protogenic ancient style — architecture and design of times of nobility of 19th century. And it not the performance of modern designers, it's a working of architects of that 19th century — those who initially built a casino.

On creation of the casino the princedom of Monaco has not regretted money, therefore the casino is considered till now one of the most magnificent — freakish patterns from white marble by which the building is decorated — here much more, than in the Royal palace. This factor also causes a strict dress-code which is provided in institutions of similar level of comfort.

Monte Carlo, casino

To those lucky beggars, for which casinos of Monte Carlo can open the doors, is accessible also the magnificent hotel which also is executed in the best traditions of architecture of the past. Wishing to indulge itself in a presidential suite — is necessary to have in stock only $10,000US.

In a casino for you work 300 Slot Machines, and also 50 tables for Poker.

Casino Monte-Carlo (Monaco)


Architectural casino in Monte Carlo {retro}