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Intellectual & Ecologically Safe Apartment
Conceptual interior

Smart-ologic Corian® Debuted in the Milan Design Week

Luxury interiorSmart-ologic Corian® Living — is the futuristic project of an interior from DuPont and Karim Rashid represented in Milan Design Week (April, 2010).
The project represents the concept of the "smart" and "ecologically safe" inhabited interior created by Karim Rashid thanks to riches of possibilities DuPont™ Corian® and also exclusive properties of this advanced and widely known material.

Smart Ecology

Project Smart-ologic Corian® Living demonstrate shows variety of shades DuPont™ Corian® from the newest palette of 2010 — collections Eco-Concrete and Eco-Terrazo, for the first time in world practice created with use of secondary raw materials.

Unusual interior
Unique interior
Magnificent bed
Futuristic project

The Intellectual Apartment

Smart-ologic Corian® Living serves as acknowledgment of innovative adherence DuPont to the actual ecologically pure materials, allowing to create interiors from secondary raw materials.


Intellectual & Ecologically Safe Apartment {technology}