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Unusual Bridge In Singapore

Bridge in Singapore

Intellectual Illumination for Innovative Bridge

In Singapore is constructed the first bridge in the form of a double spiral through Marina Bay. Inspired by spiral structure of DNA the bridge lasts on 280 metres over a bay and includes system of intellectual illumination (for mood creation). Solemn opening of the bridge has coincided with date of opening of the first art park in Singapore, located nearby to Youth Olympic Park.

Unique Bridge In Singapore

Unusual bridge
Spiral structure
Unique bridge

Designers of Australian firm Cox Group, Arup engineers and Singapore company Architects 61 were engaged in building and designing this unusual bridge.

The bridge is made of the big and small steel spirals, they as if twist each other. All structure weighs 1700 tons that is equivalent to 1130 cars. Special LED illumination can be used for creation of special mood.


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