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Northern Carolina


Hurricane Earl, the second large hurricane of a season 2010 in Atlantic, storms coast USA. Now hurricane goes towards coast of the State of North Carolina that can lead to aviaspace closing, informs The Washington Post.

Earl, NASAOn Monday, hurricane Earl behaved violently near to northeast Caribbean islands and Puerto Rico where have happened strong a wind and flooding. The population has been prepared for prospective evacuation. Besides hurricane in this district torrential rains which will lead to flooding of some houses.

The national centre of tracking hurricanes has informed on the fourth category of power of hurricane Earl. Presumably, this time hurricane will not reach East coast though still too early to do exact forecasts about that.

North CarolinaOn Tuesday, hurricane went towards the Northern Carolina. Within the next few days torrential rains and flooding from which many highways can suffer there are expected. The authorities convincingly ask people to refrain from distant trips and not rented Luxury Apartments. Because of strong impulses of a wind there is a danger of falling of trees and electric mains. The greatest danger threatens east areas of Northern Carolina.

The authorities declare, that evacuation of people from Ocracoke Island is required. The FEMA uses the best efforts, for as small as possible damages from Earl blow. The agency has informed that groups of rescuers are placed on the Virgin Islands, in Puerto Rico and Northern Carolina.


Northern Carolina {USA}