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The Museum Project from the Dutch Architects
Future building

Comic & Animation Museum (Hangzhou, China)

China Comic and Animation Museum — the project of a museum of comics and the animation, the won competition on the best offer for Hangzhou's Chinese street.

The Unusual Museum Project

The futuristic project of a museum consists of eight volumes which expressive form simulates hypertext links accompanying comics. However it would be desirable to emphasis that, thanks to professionalism of the Dutch architects, the laconic modern architecture causes association with huge bird's eggs.
30,000 sq. m. of the total area given to territory of a museum are provide a park complex: the public areas, the library, three cinemas, many showrooms & boutiques, conceptual hotel, and the interactive exhibition center.
The new museum are consolidating developing tendencies of the modern art and entertainments in which the two-dimensional motive of the links results visitors in a 3D fantastic reality.

Unusual Architectonic Project
Modern Art
Interactive Exhibition Center
Architectural project

It's supposed that China Comic and Animation Museum will presented as a new sign of Hangzhou city with original Chinese character. Each of eight museums offers programs various and independent from each other, nevertheless, interconnected among themselves and having to circular survey of a museum.
In 2012 inhabitants of Hangzhou and numerous visitors of the Chinese mega-city can see personally an embodiment of a courageous architectonic plan of experts from architectural studio «MVRDV».

The Animation Museum in Hangzhou

Hangzhou City
Animation museum


The Museum Project from the Dutch Architects {unusual}