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Burj Dubai
Tower Dubai

Burj Dubai in translation from Arabic — the Tower of Dubai

Burj Dubai

«Burj Dubai» — a trade secret of architects of the project. On an official site only approximate data. From doubtful a source it is known, that at present the height makes over 700 metres.

The Arabian Tower with LA taste

The traditional component of similar complexes is realized in this project with special power, so the interior design makes the designers from Los Angeles.

However, «Burj Dubai» not the most arrogant project of the Arabian billionaires. The height of skyscraper «All Burj» (or the World Tower) which building is conducted since 2007, according to the author of the project, can reach 1200 meters (!).

A Building Process of the Burj

World Tower All Burj Futuristic landscape Future development Dubai

Also look the futuristic landscape or the future nearby.


Burj Dubai {World Tower}