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Visual dynamics in exhibition concept BMW

Concept car

Automobile brand BMW has shown to the world the the concept car prepared for Frankfurt Motor Show which will take place in Frankfurt am Main next month. The model is named “Vision EfficientDynamics”.

The four-seater car is equipped by the hybrid engine, pendant doors-wings, a hi-tech navigation chart.

BMW concept

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics — a symbol of driving of the future where technologies and efficiency are combined with pleasure and harmony.

Emotional character, the economic engine, the control over emission of substances in atmosphere are necessary characteristics of the modern car of a class lux.

Design weight and aerodynamic characteristics are technological, obvious. Expressive language of the car corresponds to brand stylistics. Glasses and doors from polycarbonate are blacked out automatically at light hit.

Concept BMW

Hybrid car

The maximum speed — 250 km/h, dispersal — 100 km/h for 4,8 seconds.
Fuel consumption — 3,76 liters on 100 km.