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The Highest Mountain of the World
The Berg

The Berg (Berlin)

Jakob Tigges, the German architect, has offered Berlin the concept of Artificial mountain. The planned height of a product of 1,000 metres, the project is called simply, “The Berg” is there will be the most unprecedented tourist show which will involve an additional stream of tourists in capital of Germany.

The Berg in Berlin

The Berg in Berlin

The idea of the author — to create a habitat for flora and fauna residing, and also vacation spot for townspeople. The mountain will be placed near to the airport; though, the truth, a site while is discussed. Surprisingly, but the project is supported by big enough group of people…

Thus Berlin is going to form a new trend; in race behind height of towers, hotels, trading and business centres, new reference points will appear an originality of glass and concrete forms. By the way, peak of artificial top (height about 1 km.) will cover real snow in the winter.

New Berlin Trend

The Berg in Germany


The Highest Mountain of the World {trend}