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Reconstruction of an Industrial Building (Istanbul)
Industrial building

The Iridescent Istanbul Corridor

Transforming an industrial building, architects have increased a useful area — thus, the functional orientation of the building was been transformed to a typographical complex. The additional areas have made about 30,000 sq.m. The project of architectural bureau «Nevzat Sayin».

Reconstruction of the Ugly Creature

The main task of design works has been designated simply: to transform this big and ugly building into the pleasant and convenient complex.
In the country where thousand ugly buildings annually are under construction, the adaptation problem becomes more and more actual. Architects have tried to minimize intervention in an existing design. Instead they have added some functional zones, have taken out in them auxiliary elements (lifts and ladders, inputs/exits).

Existing design
Typographical complex
Minimise intervention

Minimize Industrial Intervention

The decorative priority is given front entrance registration. Architects have built an easy and air facade in height of 10 meters, consisting of a steel design and glass. Behind a facade the corridor in length of 40 meters through which all visitors get to a building is generated.
The corridor is filled by light and paints since early morning and to a sunset. The painted glass has transformed a usual architectural element into the whole world.


Reconstruction of an Industrial Building (Istanbul) {transformation}