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The True Hedonist's House
Modern townhouse in San Francisco

Modern Townhouse in San Francisco

The famous interior designer Mark Tracy from Chemical Spaces Company has presented a stylish townhouse for any private parties (San Francisco, California). The designer describes the project as pure, a modern design with color and character which can serve as an excellent haven for the weekend in the heart of San Francisco. The five-floor townhouse is located on one of the most known city streets — Lombard Street.

A Various Interiors, a Various Atmosphere...

The design of each level was thought over separately. The top floor bright, artistic, modern... The concrete floor is stretched from kitchen to a rest zone and deduces to the area as in real night clubs.

The 5th-floor Townhouse in San-Francisco

Real night club
San Francisco, apartment
Townhouse in San-Francisco


The True Hedonist's House {USA}