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The Ecological Life Style (Vietnam)
Luxury complex

A Luxury Apartments in Vietnam

Vietnam prepares for a magnificent way of life. After local authorities have approved the project of Vietnamese architects, DWP (Design Worldwide Partnership) have begun building independent area in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

The Vietnam Style

The inhabited complex of «Everrich 2» with apartments a total area of 630,000 sq.m. aspires to be green and self-sufficient community.

Green building
Green architecture
Inhabited complex
Luxury complex in Vietnam
Luxury apartments

In a building there will be a natural ventilation, heavenly gardens, green roofs, tennis courts, sport areas... All these features give to an inhabited complex efficiency in respect of electricity economy.
The building «Everrich 2» contains 3,100 apartments and is in open district, far from concrete jungle.


The Ecological Life Style (Vietnam) {Vietnam}