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New Apple Office Designed by Norman Foster

Unusual architectural project

Unusual Architectural Project

Apple Corp. is one of the most known, popular and expensive companies in the world. The same it's possible to tell and about architect Norman Foster — the real superstar among architects. And consequently it's not surprising, what Norman Foster has developed the project of new headquarters of Apple Corp.

New Apple Trends

The great architect take order only on the most unusual architectural projects, thus the project of new headquarters of Apple will take place in Santa Clara area (California), in immediate proximity from present campus. And if the Pentagon it's a five-pointed star, the new Apple trend it's the circle.

In a new ultra-modern complex on four floors there will be 260,000 sq.m. of office premises, almost 28,000 sq.m. of research laboratories, and also a conference hall for more than one thousand person! Besides, "the green power station" (solar panels, wind turbines) should provide electricity for all floors of a building.

Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara California
Santa Clara
Modern complex
Unusual architectural complex

The parking for employees of this headquarters, and also for visitors of Apple Corp. will take place under ground.


New Apple Office Designed by Norman Foster {USA}