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Life Style: Autostoppers

Sexy stop

Autostop — free movement on passing transport with the consent of the driver. Initially autostop travel was possible only on passing motor vehicles, however later, autostop traveling has developed on other types of transport.

Some rules for a new free travellers

* In advance buy a district map to know an approximate route and to choose the shortest transits, thus, you will reach the purpose faster.

Sexy stopper* Autostop traveling can become good way to improve the colloquial skills in different languages of the world, because the drivers selecting autostop travellers, frequently talkative people. Thus, take care of in advance to learn the basic language rules and widespread offers, at least on a basic level. Besides it, as far as possible study the actual rideshare.

* If go to a long trip necessarily take with itself enough food and drinks. Certainly, you can get products and on a petrol station, but there all is on sale much more expensively.

* In advance take care of presence of berths, for example, reserve places in a hostel, a camping, or motel. If you are financially insolvent, take tent or a sleeping bag and prepare to spend the night in the street. Carsharing it always the test for endurance!

* Remember that autostop traveling can be illegal in some countries or on some roads, therefore in advance is needed to study the local legislation, or simply to take an interest among local residents. It's useful to have an account in the carpool.

* Take with itself warm clothes. The clothes should protect you from a cold wind, a rain, however should not be bulky and heavy. Besides it, the clothes should have a bright colouring.

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