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The Architectural Spirit of the Royal Edinburgh
Capital of Scotland

The Earth Hour (Edinburgh)

Scotland is an ideal land for fans of national and cultural traditions. Scotland is filled by a historical heritage: majestic towers, royal palaces, the ancient cities located in woody hollows and magnificent high mountains. You can visit Edinburgh — capital of Scotland and Glasgow — the center of art and a residence of the Scottish royal dynasties.

Edinburgh — the cultural center and simultaneously capital of Scotland. Someone names this city «northern Athenes». Here a considerable quantity of galleries, historical museums and architectural structures.

The Northern Scotland's Athenes

Majestic tower

The capital of Scotland represents a masterpiece of architecture and city planning of the Gregorian style of XVIII-century, the central part of a city is allocated with the luxury palaces, wide streets and elegant facades. Self catering holiday cottages in Scotland is very popular among tourists because at these cottages there is a really spirit of Scotland, true knightly spirit...

The Edinburgh castle is most important "attraction" of Edinburgh, because this castle the famous in Scotland the strengthened castle with rich history. With the Edinburgh castle the fine panorama of a city and vicinities opens. Being in one of towers, involuntarily you start to represent yourself as the participant of independence war.