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Chinese Superstar from MAD

Superstar MAD

Similar, after the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing, trust growth to China, investments and innovative projects increase in a geometrical progression. One of examples — Superstar — something outstanding and rather comparable to fast rates with which China develops today.
The project belongs to firm MAD, behind which shoulders, some successful constructions for Olympic games in Beijing.

Chinese Superstar

As architects MAD have declared, the design is the answer of present China to cities of all world similar against each other, and also: to shopping centers, gasoline stations, branches of the company a McDonalds... To put an end to all to this to “standard corporate architecture” MAD offers “shock therapy”.

Superstar China

Superstar it's similar to foreign intrusion into a city. Or, on the contrary, Mankind rescue.
From height in some hundreds meters Superstar towers over a city, hardly concerning the earth.

Superstar do not require a surrounding city, Superstar — it's self-sufficient: grows up an own foodstuff, utilises a waste and provides a life with original Chinese character, with resorts, sports constructions and potable water from lake. There is even a small cemetery.


In other words, Superstar is a tiny ecological planet.
Superstar contains 15,000 persons and it is capable to "adapt" in any part of the Universe.
The project purpose — an exchange of new Chinese energy with environment where this energy would not be.
Superstar it's mobile.
Superstar is a Christmas star within all year.

MAD Superstar


Chinese Superstar from MAD {unique}