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Houston, as the Indicator of Stability in USA

Sam Houston

The Founder of the Houston City

World financial crisis has put to the largest city of the State of Texas, Houston, not so significant loss, as to many other American cities. For example, it agree to the data of the Brooklyn institute of researches, the prices for housing accommodation from I quarter of 2008 till I quarter 2009 here have grown on 5%. But even if not to take in attention this positive trend, it is possible to be assured that the megacity has a powerful potential for dynamical development. Low taxes and a favorable investment climate involve new employers to Houston and stimulate growth of the local economy which basis is made by power and medical branches.

The city is recognized by the largest medical center of the world. Here, in territory of 400 hectares have taken places 46 medical institutions and institutes in which every year accept 5,5 million patients.

It is interesting that if Houston was the independent state on economic indicators would take of 30th item in the world. In 2006 the journal "Forbes" named a city the best in Texas a place for business dealing, and in a rating on the country it has placed on the third line.

NASA [Houston, TX]

NASAHouston — the sixth mother country on size in the USA with the population of 5,5 million persons. The city is divided into nine municipal districts, possessed on either side of a ring highway. The territory in line of a ring is a business area and the inhabited quarters adjoining to it which have developed still to the Second World War. Downtown it is built up by high-rise office buildings which belong to representations of corporate giants. In several miles to the south from Downtown there is an area where leading museums of the southeast USA, the Texas university and Rice University, and also the Texas medical center are possessed. In 15 minutes of driving to the West from Downtown — a large commercial district Gallery. It is territory of department stores, boutiques, luxury houston apartments, restaurants and hotels which supplies development of the whole municipal district — Uptown Houston. Further modern suburbs with high density of building are possessed. From an outer side the ring is adjoined by so-called sattelite — towns with the population in some thousand persons which are in administrative submission of Houston.

Memorial Park In Houston

Memorial ParkCertainly, the most expensive apartments in Houston is in city boundaries. The prices for apartments and houses here usually begin from $400,000US. But also behind city borders it is impossible to name some objects cheap.

Sattelite-town Clear Lake City is that, for example. This area is considered one of the most prestigious though the prices for housing accommodation here in comparison with elite cottage settlements situated near Moscow seem quite accessible, cost of houses begins from $120-130,000US, apartments — from $90-100,000US.

Luxury houseIs in Houston and housing accommodation of category Luxury. The most expensive area considers Memorial Park (on the hearings, one of manors here belongs to a family of J. Bush). It is one of the first prestigious areas of Houston, with houses-estates on plots with the big trees (that is important for the hot South). Most poor — South Houston which shape reminds traditional descriptions of a ghetto: the old houses, badly dressed people, dust in streets.

It is necessary to tell that prestigiousness of area the educational institutions possessed in it — schools not in the last instance define, kindergartens, universities. The housing accommodation price also increases, if nearby there is a golf field or a park zone. To the market of the real estate of Houston has carried much more, than to the markets of other American cities.

Here the bubble of the prices for square foots was never inflated. Local developers do not test deficiency of plots under building — the blessing the Texas open spaces and not so strict laws of territorial zoning allow to erect one after another new areas of low building, as a matter of fact, cottage settlements in suburbs of Houston (here they are called suburban planned communities). The real estate as it was already mentioned, is quite accessible — the average price of the house of one family makes 221,5 thousand dollars.

Houston portIt is the highest average cost of housing accommodation since August of last year. A sign of stable development of the market is and the demand which has increased recently for real estate purchase. Experts explain it to that some leasers have realized necessity of acquisition of own living space. Growth is promoted also also by the credit in 8 thousand dollars, issued within the limits of the governmental program on support of buyers of the first housing accommodation, and the low percentage hypothecary rate — 5% annual.

The accessible housing accommodation, low cost of an infrastructure and great number of the enterprises granting jobs, have created in Houston favorable conditions for formation and development of the American middle class. Recently the city has entered into the five of the best places of America for residing (according to Apartment Guide). That is why the population here promptly grows. It is expected that within next several years it will increase by one million. In a word, today Houston does not have problems!


Houston, as the Indicator of Stability in USA {USA}