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The Educational Centre of the Future

Education Centre

The Architectural Tendency of 21st Century

The Danish experts from company AART Architects, ZENI Architects, together with COWI engineers have won visual competition “Education Centre of the Future”. In a new 5-floor building a total area of 6,500 sq.m. will take places the educational centre for adults, VUC.

On-opinion architects, the building corresponds to the basic standards which will be will take root into architecture of the educational centres of the future: concentration on creation of healthy atmosphere, a low current consumption, a combination of various cultural experiences.

Education Centre In Denmark

Education Centre, Denmark

The concept assumes, that the cultural exchange becomes a natural part of a life; on the ground floor is located by cafe, the big concert hall where will conduct: lectures, concerts, theatrical representations.


The Educational Centre of the Future {ZENI Architects}