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Penguin Windows: energy-efficient care

Penguin windows

Manufacturing of a qualitative window or door begins with designing. Only at exact gauging of a window aperture and a competent configuration, realisation of such major works, as: the way of installation, variants of fastening's, process of hermetic sealing and many other works — will be executed at the highest level.

Qualitative accessories

Qualitative accessories are a basis of manufacture of qualitative window designs. All elements necessary for manufacture of windows should have certificates of quality and correspond to the existing specifications and standards.

Qualitative Windows

At manufacturing of qualitative Penguin Windows the original patented window profile is applied. The patented profile system of windows differs: a snow-white and glossy surface, the highest indicator of rigidity of PVC, energy-efficient and soundproof properties.

Interchangeable details

All elements of accessories are interchangeable, it allows to compensate further deterioration of rubbing mechanisms and, as consequence, to avoid unpleasant, expensive and unexpected replacement of windows entirely. Besides, it is possible to equip windows with special accessories with the strengthened protection against thieves.


Penguin Windows: energy-efficient care {windows}