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Conceptual Headquarters of the Austrian Jewelry Company
Uniopt Pachleitner Group

The Austrian Jewelry Company

The new headquarters for the jewelry company «Uniopt Pachleitner Group», located in Graz (Austria), is constructed under the project of Austrian architectural studio «GS Architects». In unusual building project of the Black Panther will be reflected style and philosophy of production of this known manufacturer.

«Black Panther» Gets Into «the Uniopt Pachleitner Group»

The dynamical and ambitious aesthetics of structure with acute angles, sides and reflecting surfaces reminds a sculptural composition. The building is constructed with use of ultra-modern materials and hi-tech technologies, namely: acoustic windows systems, smart ventilation system, unusual exterior facade, and also effective maintenance of premises with a natural sunlight.

Ultra-modern materials
Hi-tech technologies
Minimalist design
Unusual building

Headquarters interiors continue the sculptural styles set by an exterior. At the same time, this silent and beautiful place urged to become a source of inspiration for new creative ideas.
The effective design of spacious premises executed mainly in black-and-white color scale, is diluted by an abundance of the transparent and protected glasses with fragments of unique art sketches.

The Conceptual Hi-tech Project

Building project

Ambitious building materials, color and building geometry cause the hints corresponding to its effective jewelry name.


Conceptual Headquarters of the Austrian Jewelry Company {unusual}