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The Californian Minimalism
Progressive company

Palo Alto, California, USA

The North American headquarters of Skype located in Palo Alto (California, USA) is constructed under the project of the US studio of architecture & interior «Blitz». Creation of the creative office space corresponding to the world standards and reflecting free spirit of the progressive company was a priority problem of authors of modern architectural technologies.

Progressive Design for Progressive Company!

To the full to reflect the conception and a policy of the company, by architectural experts have been investigated typology of working space from the point of view of influence of environment on thought process.
More than 5,000 sq. m. of office and technical premises have been transformed into comfortable creative areas which gives to office workers a considerable quantity of workplaces together with luxury apartments equipped with the advanced communicative technologies and hi-tech interior furniture in style of the architectural minimalism.

Progressive hi-tech
Hi-tech office
Creative office
Creative space
Modern interior
Natural design
Progressive hi-tech

The Progressive Hi-tech Minimalism

The design of technical premises is carried out in the best traditions of style of progressive hi-tech. All territory of headquarters are created for spontaneous informal meetings and productive joint dialogue in democratic conditions.
In immediate proximity from workplaces and areas for conferences are located numerous unusual attics for productive rest which provide high-grade lunch breaks into the standard rest periods.


The Californian Minimalism {USA}