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The Most Unusual Hotel (Singapore)
Hotel, Singapore

A Hotel In Singapore

The newest architectural project from system of boutique-hotels Loh lik — the Wanderlust Hotel, located in Singapore, invites visitors into fascinating unusual trip.

The Singapore Wonderland

The hotel building is located in ancient settlement where the Indian immigrants were engaged for a long time in animal industries. Authors of reconstruction have kept a facade in the original form, having changed only hi-tech interior styles...
However Wanderlust Hotel is located near to main business area of a modern megacity, therefore absolutely it's no wonder that hotel conditions combine lines of different times, styles and cultures.

The Exclusive Singapore Apartments

Exclusive apartments
Unusual interior
Unusual hotel
Yellow interior
Country style

The hotel has presented 29 exclusive apartments issued by the Singapore studios of design: «Phunk studio» and «fFurious» in cooperation with architectural company «DP architects».
Trash, glamor, pop, funk, rock, hi-tech, anime, origami, fantasy, the country style — all this variety of definitions are co-operating with each other to receive bright and unforgettable impressions for visitors of the 1st art park in Singapore.


The Most Unusual Hotel (Singapore) {wonderland}